X-Wing Fighter – V5 instructions Part 1 (inventory)

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This is a guide for assembling a V5 X-Wing. You will need the set of castings, brass tubing (if you choose to use them on the laser cannons), Plastruct, and an armature.

A quick word on terminology. There are laser etched labels on the parts that vary wildly between X-Wings, to help you in their placement. First the top of the wings. There are four Sealab “squares” that get glued to the sloping side of the box structure on the wings. One is labeled “TOP L” and the other is “TOP R”. That will mean Top LEFT or Top RIGHT, as seen below. In this instance, the “top” of the wing is the root where it mounts to the armature. There are two more wings though, right? Yes, they will reverse on the underside of the X-Wing, and are consistent enough (luckily) that if you make two sets of TOP L and TOP R wings, it will be correct. As always though, CONSULT YOUR REFERENCE. Once you glue these down, they are pretty much glued down. I will address this in later updates as well, with pics!

The other big one to look for are the engine cans. These are all over the place on the varying X-Wings, and it was very interesting to map them all. What I ended up with are six different can patterns for all the X-wings. Two of these are unique to the Red 2/Blue 1 X-Wing, and therefore don’t need a guide on the insides of the parts. For every one else, there are legends showing which can goes where, using abbreviations. There is upper left and upper right, and lower left and lower right. Unlike the method above, you cannot count on the bottom of the model having the same pieces mirroring the top. And when you flip the X-Wing over, left is still left and right is still right. So, that being said, look at the pic below, and look at the legend inside the cans for your particular X-Wing, whether it be a hero or pyro (the pyro will have a “P” at the end of the abbreviation), and place those cans accordingly. As always though, CONSULT YOUR REFERENCE. Once you glue these down, they are pretty much glued down. I will address this in later updates as well, with pics!

First, get to know your parts, and do an inventory. NOTE – your parts may look different depending on which X-Wing you are building.

Here you have the fuslage (top and bottom), butt plate, mount plug, droid strip, cockpit (two pieces), nose cone, and “plugs” for the inside of the armature when the X-Wing is in an “open” position. If you are making Red 5, there will also be a small fender piece for the butt plate, not pictured.

Wings and the inner plant ons – four total wing tops, four laser cut acrylic wing bottoms (not pictured), two Sealab parts, two half tanks, two full tanks, two more Sealab parts, four Phantom engine halves (two different flavors out there depending on your X-Wing choice), four Sealab “squares” (these may look different depending on which X-Wing you have chosen), four trapezoids, four trailing wing edge pieces (these also could be different looking), two sets of two leading edge wing pieces (a total of 4), and two Sealab “cages”.

Guns guns guns! Four gun mount trapezoids, four laser wheels, four body plugs, four bodies, four heatsink with rings, four body plant ons, four body plate plant ons, four cannon stalks (not pictured – they are the long tapering cannon body parts that have a brass insert in them), and four laser cannon “C” tips.

Engines – Four phantom turkey feathers (Tall or short, depending on the X-Wing you have), four engine halves with a notch and four engine halves without a notch (two vastly different patterns as an option, you know the drill…), four engine “inner plugs”, four Sealab plug mounts, and four heatsinks.

Four large Saturn bell halves, four small ones, and four Sealab engine intake halves.

Four engine cans, and their mount plates.

These cans will be very different from X-Wing to X-Wing, and all four have a legend inside showing where they go (Blue 1/Red2 are so unique they don’t have or need this inner label). In this case, you can see Red 4 Pyro uses this one can on each wing, and Red 6 Pyro uses this on the upper left and upper right only, etc etc…

And finally, the three remaining mount plugs, the pilot (three pieces) and the Artoo mount plug.