Studio Scale Colonial Movers,  hybrid of the original series filming miniature and the new series version, which featured Vipers hiding in one of the containers. These Vipers were grown from a 3D file, drilled and outfitted with a small blue led, and then painted. The engines glow and pulse, cockpit features a UV light for a subtle effect, running lights blink, and a white strobe towards the back provide extra whiz-bang. The base features a Saturn V part, echoing those used on the model.

P5220012 P5220013 P5220014 P5220018 P5220022 P5220006 P5220008 P5220009 P5220023 P5220026 P5220027 P5220028 P5220030 P5220032 P5220034 P5220035 P5220037 P5220039 P5220040 P5220041 P5220042 P5220049 P5220046 P5220045 P5220044 P5220043 P5220061 P5220067 P5220069 P5220071 P5220073 P5220083 P5220089 P5220090 P5220091 P5220093 P5220094



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