Another fun project, made from impossibly meager reference. This is a good-faith replica of the Gantry Crane seen in the upper left corner of the Death Star Hangar when the Millennium Falcon was tractor-beamed into the Death Star in Star Wars (and again when it escapes and swivels out). I was always enchanted by the recreated footage that the ILM crew shot of that sequence, with Richard Edlund programming the Dykstraflex, and watching the enormous and heavy Falcon slowly slide into that hangar bay model. Since myself and a few others have been planning our own Falcon replica models, I thought it would be “funny” to make the Crane first. So armed with the single image of Jon Erland wiring the model, and screencaps, I was able to extrapolate as best I could, the crane’s dimensions. Craig Underwood IDed the Panther parts used on the base, so from there I was able to get the width. The height and tower itself was a best guess, as were the greeblies used for the gears (I pulled from the appropriate era vintage donor kits). Of course, as soon as I was finished this model (after a relatively expensive false start I abandoned), I was given more reference photos that better identify the greeblies and side dimensions. I was “close” but off. So I plan to make this model again¬†one day, after the sting of $200 in Plastruct materials has worn off, hah! Interesting side note from Lorne Peterson, who told me that he built a miniature Dykstraflex model that also sits on the inner ceiling of the hangar bay! And wouldn’t you know that some of those new-to-me Gantry reference pics show the Dykstraflex miniature in a clearer light as well, so one day the Gantry will have a little buddy!


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