This is a wonderful 1/35th resin kit from Industria Mechanika  of the “Remora”, from the mind of Ian McQue. It’s a flying boat, which gives the modeler great freedom in both what to put on deck for cargo, and in how to paint it. I had an absolute blast making this one. The base is a combination of laser cut acrylics and paint, with a paper “obi” and wax seal, because it seemed fancy. I named it the Cecilia Ann, which is of course a killer Pixies song.

PC120001 PC120004 PC120006 PC120010 PC120013 PC120021 PC120023 PC120024 PC120028 PC120029 PC120030 PC120033 PC120034 PC120038 PC120042 PC120043 PC120044 PC120045 PC120046 PC120047 PC120051 PC120055 PC120056 PC120060 PC120061 PC120062 PC120063 PC120064 PC120065 PC120067 PC120077 PC120079 PC120083 PC120086 PC120088 PC120095 PC120097 PC120098 PC120102 PC120099

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