Complete restoration of the Star Trek: The Next Generation McKinley Station filming miniature. The model was in very rough shape due to long term storage, so a full reconstruction was called for. The model was reconstructed using two part epoxy. hand mixed paint that was color matched, and newly generated decals. The model was only painted where the original material was missing, or sanded at the repair locations. The 12 volt fluorescent tubes were also replaced by longer lasting LEDs, and a metal loop was placed inside the done for the client to use to hang the model from a ceiling-based display. The end result is a filming miniature that kept the majority of the original surface paint and details intact, with the overall model holding up to close scrutiny.


P1070807 P1070815


P1070879 P1070888 P1070895 P1070891 P1070896 P1070889 P1070892 P1070906 P1070908

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