This is a severely modified 1:12th old series Battlestar Galactica Viper patterned by the very talented Mike Salzo. The design was backdated a bit to fit into the Ron Moore Battlestar Galactica scheme, imagining it to be a “Mark 1” design. Lights include blinking port and starboard navigation lights, strobing white light on the top winglet, lit Viper Pilot helmet, all three engines (one is experiencing a “flame out”), cockpit fiber optics, and a first in model making – an LED screen that cycles a Dradis display that was designed to look like a cross between the one seen on the show, and on the original 1979 series! Every second, it refreshes with an updated readout – showing Vipers, Raiders, and Basestars (represented as asterix of course) moving around the field, with energy and fuel bars also slowly being depleted. Then, the last few screens shimmer with feedback – the Cylons are jamming the Colonial Fleet!

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