These are “Studio Scale” Cloud Vans, which were created for a charity called The Shoe Project, where ten pairs of Vans were customized by various artists, and then sold with all proceeds going to charity. I chose to make the shoes non-wearable, as they were very much “asking” to be made into a Cloud Car! It was meant to be when I realized the Studio Scale sized parts would fit into the shoe’s natural voids, and though the shoes themselves are smaller than the pods as seen in the film, the effect is wonderful and playful. It was an extreme honor to be asked to participate. These realized $511.00 at auction. P2160092 P2160119 P2160102 P2160125 P2160124 P2160101 P2160133 P2160141 P2160095 P2160128 P2160118 P2160116 P2160115 P2160114 P2160108 P2160105 P2160104 P2160100 P2160094 Back to square one